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download Private Label Windows CleanerPrivate Label Windows Cleaner v. 2.1
Master resell rights private label software! Customize the company name, program name, website and graphics! Cover your internet tracks! Delete cookies, typed URLs and more! 
Price:  $299.99, try it free
download ViPNet OFFICEViPNet OFFICE v. 2.8.14/1.4
Implement VPN service, firewall and secure instant messaging within your network so that users and mobile clients, even from remote offices can communicate securely with central servers and databases over Internet. 
OS:  Windows 98,ME,2k,XP,2k3,Vista, Linux
Price:  $255.00, try it free
download CKM KeyLogger NETCKM KeyLogger NET v. 3.4
KeyLogger (keystroke keyboard spy) NET-version - is the software product for PC, developed by CKM SYSTEMS as the cheapest solution on the software market 
OS:  Windows NT4,2k,XP,2k3,Vista
Price:  $2.00, try it free
download OPSEC Covert CommOPSEC Covert Comm v. 1.0
OPSEC (Operational Security) is a Secure Email and Chat Platform for corporate and private use. Sends highly encrypted email and attachments without ever touching an SMTP email server. Covert and reliable, OPSEC ensures online privacy. 
OS:  Windows XP,Vista
Price:  $59.99, try it free
download Total PrivacyTotal Privacy v. 6.47
Total Privacy Provides the Most Advanced Information Removal Solution for Protection Against Today's Malicious Online and Offline Threats. 
OS:  Windows XP,2k3,Vista
Price:  $0.00, try it free
download MING Network SpyMING Network Spy v. 3.1
MING Network Spy can monitor, block and archive Internet usage on any computer in a network stealthily, including instant messages (AOL, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, FacebookIM and QQ), emails sent and received, web sites visited, and files downloaded. 
OS:  Windows 2k,XP,Vista
Price:  $149.95, try it free

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Password Reminder  Powerful tool that can recover almost any lost password
Updated  $49.00  
Active Key Logger  You want to know what others are doing on your own computer
Updated  $39.99  
Advanced Tracks Cleaner  powerful tool for your protection.
New  $34.95  
KGB Keylogger  Log all keystrokes, applications and URLs opened on a local or remote computer.
Updated  $39.00  
KGB Employee Monitor  Monitor employees or remote computers in real time with KGB Employee Monitor
REFOG Keylogger  REFOG Keylogger is keylogger software that watches websites and software.
Updated  $49.95  
KGB Spy  Monitor how your employees use their work-time and log everything they type
Updated  $59.00  
Keyboard Spectator Pro  Multifunctional keylogger software with extended capabilities for home, office.
Updated  $29.95  
REFOG Personal Monitor  Log keystrokes, clipboard, programs and Web with instant email alerts
Updated  $69.95  
Max File Shredder  Max File Shredder is a tool to erase the data permanently making it irrecoverabl
Privacy Inspector  Privacy Inspector is a program to to clean up the history on a computer.
Updated  $39.95  
Total Privacy  Remove all traces of your Internet and System activity
Updated  freeware  
ABF Password Recovery  ABF Password Recovery is a program to retrieve lost or forgotten passwords.
Updated  $29.95  
Super Screen Clean  Instantly hide windows and icons from your desktop with a HOTKEY.
Updated  $74.95  
QuickWiper  QuickWiper - file wipe utility (shredder) with system cleaner (cookies, history)
New  $19.00  
Clean Disk Security Tool  Secure file deletion and comprehensive clean-up for tightest security.
New  freeware  
Clean Disk Security  Comprehensive disk cleaning for the very tightest security
Updated  $25.00  
USB Security Suite  A powerful utility that eliminates all security risks related to USB disks
WebMail Spy  Record all email sent and received: ALL POP3/SMTP, AOL, and web based email!
Updated  $49.99  
SpyBuddy  Secretly record and monitor all computer activity when you aren't around!
Updated  $69.99  
AEGIS Password Protection  Password protect your program files with AEGIS!
OpenOffice Calc Password Recovery  Recover lost or forgotten passwords to spreadsheets created in OpenOffice Calc.
Office Password Recovery  Recovers lost or forgotten passwords for Microsoft Office documents and files.
Access Password Recovery Pro  Access Password Recovery is a reliable master-key for all your Access documents.
OneNote Password Recovery  Recovers lost or forgotten passwords for Microsoft OneNote notebooks.
PowerPoint Password Recovery  Recovers lost or forgotten passwords for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.
FileMaker Password Recovery  Recovers lost or forgotten passwords for FileMaker databases.
Updated  $29.95  
Access Workgroup Password Recovery  Recovers lost or forgotten passwords for Microsoft Access workgroup files.
MYOB Password Recovery  Recovers lost or forgotten passwords for MYOB Accounting data files.
Updated  $29.95  
ACT Password Recovery  Recovers lost or forgotten passwords for ACT! contact management files.
Peachtree Password Recovery  Recovers lost or forgotten passwords for Peachtree Accounting company files.
Updated  $29.95  
Outlook Password Recovery  Recovers lost passwords for any Microsoft Outlook 97/98/2000/XP personal files!
Updated  $29.95  
Remo Privacy Cleaner  One Click Privacy Cleaner tool to erase browser history, temp files, recent item
OPSEC Covert Comm  Secure Email and Chat Platform for corporate and private use
Home Security Center  Effective office and home monitoring solution. PC + Web Viewer.
New  $39.00  
FILExtinguisher  FILExtinguisher securely deletes confidential files with 14 different methods
Updated  $19.95  
FILExtinguisher  FILExtinguisher securely deletes confidential files with 14 different methods
Sonar NET  PC audio-logger sending all recorded logs to your E-mail address or FTP-server
Updated  $12.00  
CKM KeyLogger NET  KeyLogger NETis the software product for PC
Updated  $2.00  
Restrictions Remover .PDF  Rectrictions Remover. PDF is a program to remove restrictions on PDF Files
New  $15.00  
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Privacy Eraser v. 4.62
Permanently erase Internet history and past computer activities.
buy Privacy Eraser now  download Privacy Eraser
Folder Lock DRM v. 7.5.5
Password protect, lock or encrypt files and folders from others in seconds.
buy Folder Lock DRM now  download Folder Lock DRM
Hijack Defender v. 1.0
protect your computer against common hijack attempts by malicious programs
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Easy Password Storage v. 1.0
Save your passwords in one secure, encrypted place
buy Easy Password Storage now  download Easy Password Storage
Password Saver v. 1.1
Securely store and manage all your passwords with this easy-to-use application.
buy Password Saver now  download Password Saver
Private Label Password Saver v. 1.2
Resell rights private label password saver software
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Shadow Professional v. 2.5
Privacy Mode,Evidence Eraser, Hide Folders, Secret Bookmarks, Shredder, Wiper
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Chrysanth Mail Manager v. 2.3
Effective email management for a junk-email-free mailbox
buy Chrysanth Mail Manager now  download Chrysanth Mail Manager
SecuWipe for Smartphone v. 1.0
Wipe Contacts, email, SMS, history and files from your Smartphone
buy SecuWipe for Smartphone now  download SecuWipe for Smartphone
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