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download The Pill BoxThe Pill Box v. 3.0
The Pill Box is for everyone who takes medication on a regular basis and who wants to keep a record of their medications and the doctors who prescribe them. 
OS:  Windows 98,ME,NT3,NT4,2k,XP,2k3,Vista
Price:  $24.95, try it free
download axSoft Speech correctoraxSoft Speech corrector v. 1.76
Speech corrector can be used by people who have stuttering problem to control their fluency. It provides DAF (delayed auditory feedback) method. That method has been applied in the therapy of stuttering people for a long time. 
OS:  Windows 98,ME,2k,XP,2k3,Vista
Price:  $25.00, try it free
download Desktop U.S. Army Body Fat % CalculatorDesktop U.S. Army Body Fat % Calculator v. 1.0
Simple calculator for calculating Body Fat Percentage on PC. It calculates Body Fat % with the help of rules applied in U.S. Army. Features: Body Fat Percentage calculation Know your status: Overweight or OK Maintain your body measurements 
OS:  Windows 95,98,ME,NT3,NT4,2k,XP
Price:  $14.95, try it free
download Weightmania ProWeightmania Pro v. 1.8.5
Weightmania is a fitness journal that tracks workouts, meals, measurements, dieting progress, medical information and much more. It supports cardio. and weight training, accommodates any workout or diet plan, and tracks multiple people. 
OS:  Windows 95,98,ME,2k,XP
Price:  $49.99, try it free
download SoftOrbits Ovulation CalendarSoftOrbits Ovulation Calendar v. 5.2
An ovulation calendar is a great opportunity for loving couples preventing unwanted conception by using natural birth control methods. It is also a good way to conceive faster as it would show you which your ovulation date is as well. 
OS:  Windows 2k,XP,2k3,Vista
Price:  $29.95, try it free
download Fatx Abs Total Trim SystemFatx Abs Total Trim System v. 1.53
Fatx Abs the Complete Fat Loss and Fitness System. With Fatx Abs you have a tool to run your bodys fat burning furnace on full speed 24-7 achieving your dream body as fast as humanly possible with minimum effort. 
OS:  Windows XP,Vista
Price:  $39.00, try it free

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Fat Loss 4 Idiots  ACCELERATED fat burning diet, diet generator software
BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) Calculator  Calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate without learning any math formulas.
Bath Treatment  Baths are nice. Whether you bathe to clean up or to relax.
New  $9.95  
Health Boosters & Longevity  Find the key to longevity through health boosters following some simple advice.
BMI Calculator (Body Mass Index)  Calculate your Body Mass Index without learning any math formulas.
VisionField  Checks the eye Visual Field status and evolution for Glaucoma patients.
Cardio Calipers  The Cardio Calipers allow on-screen measurement of any EKG.
New  $49.50  
Flawless Complexion  The key for maintaining a youthful glow is constant skin care.
Updated  freeware  
WeightLoss Diet  Screensaver that presents healthy diet plans and weight loss programs
Fitness Assistant Portable  Portable Weight Loss and Diet Software for Reaching Your Goals
New  $49.95  
Mind Harmony  Change your mind with this binaural beats generator!
FoodCalc  FoodCalc is a simple and neat tool for calculating nutritional information
Hormonal Forecaster - Fertility Software  Chart fertility, generate ovulation charts, personal statistics, and more.
Updated  $25.00  
Wildsoft Weightloss Program  WildSoft Weight Loss Program - Detailed management of your daily food intake
Natura Sound Therapy  Instant Relaxation, Concentration, or Sleep Aid for Improved Quality of Life.
Prostate Miracle Cure  Natural Herbs Prostate Formula for BPH, Prostatitis and Prostate Cancer.
Qigong for Self-Health Care  Chinese magic Qigong with 5000 years history - Key book of exercise for body.
New  $24.00  
4vidas  4vidas includes free videos and information about natural health and nutrition.
Updated  freeware  
Acupuncture for Neurological Disorders  The first systematic monograph on neurological disorders treated by acupuncture.
New  $28.00  
Albion StopNow!  RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury / Repetitive Stress Injury) Prevention Tool
Updated  $24.95  
Ovulation Calendar  Calculates the time of ovulation and generates your personal fertility calendar
Heartburn Relief Info  Ebook on containing info on heartburn issues
Anxiety Diary  Anxiety Diary v1.0 is a user-friendly electronic mental health diary system.
The Natural Viagra  The Natural Viagra. Safe alternatives to Viagra. The natural way to better sex!
Pediculosis  e-Book to learn about the safe, natural, product treating head lice.
PERIMON - Cycle calendar  Cycle calendar that determines up to 10.5 infertile days in the female cycleZykl
Smart Diary  Smart Diary Suite is a totally customizable feature-rich diary software package.
Updated  freeware  
Abdominal Basics  Abdominal Basics features practical, easy to follow exercises for mid-section.
New  $24.95  
After Sun Treatment  After Sun Treatment has been specifically designed to help repair skin damage.
New  $9.95  
IRonDooM  IroNDooM helps bodybuilders and athletes train harder and more efficiently
Scenes of Nature  Relax as you watch calming scenes displayed on your computer.
Weight Wizard  Easily track your nutrition, exercise, measurements and weight loss goals.
PoolMagic CARE+  Evidence of all water tests, water treatment
Victoria Woman Calendar  Calendar,diary, reminder,secret photo album. predicts future menstrual cycles
New  $19.00  
BigPicture Personal Fitness  BigPicture Personal Fitness is a virtual companion.
New  $29.95  
Desktop Drug Reference  Desktop Drug Reference is a largest drug reference index on most popular drugs.
Differentiation and AcupunctureTreatment  This book has two parts, for theory of differentiation of TCM...
New  $28.00  
Optimism  Helps you find your depression triggers and plan for lasting mental health
Updated  $19.95  
build muscle fast  Metabolic calculator to help build muscle fast , lose wieght and your diet
Media Only  freeware  
7 Rules to Encrease Your Metabolism  7 Rules to Turn Your Body into a Fat Burning Machine without dieting
Updated  freeware  
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Recipe Builder is a recipe maintenance program with 12,000 free recipes.
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A VIP Simple To Do List v. 2.9.48
Easy tool for planning of everyday tasks of your life with help of to-do list.
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Desktop U.S. Army Body Fat % Calculator v. 1.0
U.S. Army Body Fat Percentage Calculator for PC.
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The Lawn Log v. 2.0
Complete Lawn Service Management and Billing
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Color Style Studio exterior paint colors v. 2.23
See how your house exterior or interior will look like in any color combination
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The StarMessage Diary v. 1.3
An excellent way to keep a private journal of day to day thoughts, and memories.
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Maid Manager Pro v. 3.0
Maid service and house cleaning management system.
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HomeManage Home Inventory Software v. 2006
Use HomeManage Software to inventory everything in your home or home business
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Subliminal Flash by Ded Pyhto v. 3.0
Software for subliminal self-hypnosis and self-help
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