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download ChildWebGuardianChildWebGuardian v. 1.1
Filtering software designed to provide Internet child safety. This program keeps track and checks the content of every web-page the child browses through in the Internet Explorer. If some obscene content will be found, program block such pages. 
OS:  Windows 95,98,ME,NT4,2k,XP
Price:  $45.00, try it free
download LinkmanLinkman v. 7.90
Linkman is a bookmark management solution which integrates with Firefox and Internet Explorer. It calls upon many powerful features that replace the browser's native URL management. A linkman tutotial video can be watched at the Outertech website. 
OS:  Windows 2k,XP,Vista
Price:  $25.00, try it free
download CaptureSaverCaptureSaver v. 4.1.0
CaptureSaver lets you capture and permanently save information into an off-line research and reference library while you are surfing the Internet. It ensures you stop losing valuable information and always have what's important at your fingertips. 
OS:  Windows NT4,2k,XP,2k3,Vista
Price:  $49.95, try it free
download Software SubmitSoftware Submit v. 5.0
Software Submit is a strong submission tool which provide you more than 800+ download sites to submit your software. Your software will be submitted very soon by this way. At the same time, we offer you the professional manual submission service. 
OS:  Windows 98,ME,NT4,2k,XP,2k3,Vista
Price:  $29.95, try it free
download ActiveURLs Check&Get FreeActiveURLs Check&Get Free v. 1.14
Smart bookmark manager and web monitoring program. Detects dead-links, checks web sites for new stuff, search and sort your bookmarks. Imports, exports and synchronizes bookmarks among browsers. Exports bookmarks to HTML file and more. Free 
OS:  Windows 95,98,NT,2k,XP
Price:  $79.95, try it free
download ActiveURLs Check&Get - Web-Monitor, Bookmark Manager and Web-PagActiveURLs Check&Get - Web-Monitor, Bookmark Manager and Web-Pag v. 3.0.0
Bookmark Manager, Web Monitor, Web Capture Tool and Web Page Archiver. Checks web sites for updates, detects dead and duplicate links, searches/sorts your bookmarks. Imports, exports and synchronizes bookmarks among browsers or converts them to HTML. 
OS:  Windows 95,98,ME,NT4,2k,XP
Price:  $79.95, try it free

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Browser Tools

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inBookmarks  Bookmarks manager with export, import support. Supports drag-drop from browsers.
Updated  $29.95  
EZ Save Flash  Save flash from Web only one click
Updated  $19.99  
WebCloner Offline Browser  WebCloner is a site ripper, images downloader, offline browser, ebook compiler.
Updated  $39.95  
iNetFormFiller  Auto-fills web-forms by a single click. Records and plays clicks on web-links.
Updated  $99.95  
febooti ieZoom toolbar  Zoom internet pages, pick colors, auto fit print web pages, resize web browser.
Updated  $34.95  
Alive Internet Eraser  Protect your privacy by cleaning up the tracks of your computer activities.
Updated  $29.95  
Remove Toolbar Buddy  Delete unwanted toolbars and other Internet Explorer add-ons with ease
New  $19.95  
Max Secure AnonySurf  Max Secure AnonySurf Keeps your IP address private & unlisted from being tracked
Updated  $29.95  
SaveForm  It allows saving web pages completely - including filled forms, flash, movies,
New  $24.95  
Privacy Sweeper  Erase the cache, cookies, history, typed URLs, auto-complete memory ,ect.
New  $29.95  
ChildWebGuardian  ChildWebGuardian is filtering software designed to provide Internet child safety
Updated  $45.00  
Sinope Summarizer PE Trial  Sinope Summarizer PE Trial summarizes webpages while browsing the internet.
New  $119.00  
Save to CHM  eTopping Save To CHM component can create a one-volume HTML pages archive.
New  $20.00  
Image Zoom  Enlarge and explore the web page image with one click.
New  $20.00  
HTML Elements  Trying to get the structure of HTML page? HTML Elements is the right choice!
New  $20.00  
History Search  A local search engine, it searches in the content of recently visited sites.
HTML Code Spy  One-click solution to show HTML source code of the interseted page.
New  $20.00  
IE Contacts Spy  Extract contact information from every web page visited automatically!
New  $29.85  
Toolbar Designer  Create own custom Internet Explorer toolbars easily with this free application
New  freeware  
TimelyWeb  Be notified about any web page update with TimelyWeb.
Linkman  Bookmark management solution that integrates with Firefox and Internet Explorer
Updated  $25.00  
Linkman Pro  Bookmark Manager for Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera
Updated  $24.95  
Website Block  Block any website from view in Internet Explorer by web address or keyword
Updated  $29.95  
ActiveURLs Check&Get - Web-Monitor, Bookmark Manager and Web-Pag  Web-Monitor, Bookmark Manager, Web Capture Tool. Essential for web researchers.
Updated  $79.95  
ActiveURLs Bookmark Explorer  Bookmark Manager, Offline Browser, Web-site Monitoring tool and Search Engine
New  $79.95  
ActiveURLs Check&Get Free  Smart bookmark manager. Detects dead links. Export to HTML. Monitors web pages.
Updated  $79.95  
ActiveURLs Check&Get - Web-Monitor, Bookmark Manager and Web-Pag  Web-Monitor, Bookmark Manager, Web Capture Tool. Essential for web researchers.
Chrysanth NETime Channel  Transform your Internet Explorer into a powerful RSS reader absolutely FREE!
Web Data Extraction Software DataToolbar  Web data extraction software to get product catalog style data in a spreadsheet.
Updated  $24.00  
CaptureSaver  Information Collector: Save anything you see on the web and browse it off-line.
Updated  $49.95  
Offline Explorer  Off-line downloader (up to 500 Web and FTP sites simultaneously) and browser
Updated  $59.95  
Portable Offline Browser  Portable Offline Browser is an offline browser/downloader.
Updated  $149.95  
Flash and Media Capture  Saves all images, video and Flash applets from a page to the folder you want.
Updated  $24.95  
Inquiry Standard Edition  Fast and easy way to browse, save and analyze the information on the Internet
Updated  $29.95  
Inquiry Basic  Fast and easy way to browse, save and analyze the information on the Internet
Inquiry Professional Edition  Fast and easy way to browse, save and analyze the information on the Internet
Updated  $59.95  
Multi-Browser Viewer  Cross browser testing using real web browsers, Mobile Emulators & Screenshots
Updated  $49.95  
FormZila for Windows IE  Online Password Manager and Web Form Filler that automatically does it all
OneNote Repair Toolbox  OneNote Repair Toolbox for .ONE file recovery with full, feature-rich options!
Updated  $27.00  
OneNote Fix Toolbox  Repairs corrupted documents of Microsoft OneNote format.
Updated  $27.00  
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Private Label Popup Blocker v. 2.1
Private label. Block popups! Master Resell Rights!
buy Private Label Popup Blocker now  download Private Label Popup Blocker
WebSpeak v. 1.0.7
Easy to use took to add talking characters to your webpage.
buy WebSpeak now  download WebSpeak
Auto FTP Manager v. 5.32
Auto FTP Manager is a powerful automated FTP client
buy Auto FTP Manager now  download Auto FTP Manager
Forum Promotion Suite v. 2.0
Promote your website or product in online message boards
buy Forum Promotion Suite now  download Forum Promotion Suite
AbleFTP v. 9.17
AbleFtp - FTP client designed to automate and run 1000+ FTP tasks a day.
buy AbleFTP now  download AbleFTP
BitTorrent Ultra Accelerator v. 4.6.5
BitTorrent Ultra Accelerator is an add-on application for BitTorrent P2P
buy BitTorrent Ultra Accelerator now  download BitTorrent Ultra Accelerator
Find Protected v. 2.0
Search for password protected files on local disks and across a network
buy Find Protected now  download Find Protected
Speed Test Gold v. 1.0.6
Speed Test your Internet and network while monitoring system performance.
buy Speed Test Gold now  download Speed Test Gold
Imesh Acceleration Patch v. 4.8.4
Imesh Acceleration Patch is a plug-in for iMesh P2P application
buy Imesh Acceleration Patch now  download Imesh Acceleration Patch
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