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Group Policy Password Expiration v.
Release date: 04/12/2012 
Author: JiJiTechnologies
License: Shareware     Price:  $16.95 US
Expiration: unknown
Operating System:
Requirements: Dot Net Framework 3.5
Download size: 7078 kilobytes     Install support:  Install and Uninstall
Web site:
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Description:  JiJi Password Expiration Notification is a simple tool to notify users, managers and administrators through e-mail before their password and account expire. Administrator can receive the summary report to the specific email ids. Administrator can define the notification task for any specified target (Domain, an OU, Group, Set of Users). Proactive password and account expiration auditing solution for Active Directory. Useful for VPN users, Outlook Web Access (OWA) users, Mac / Linux Users, File share users, Service accounts Automatically checks the AD dailyand send password and account expiry status message and report Send Custom Email Notifications to Users,Managers and Admins Send Password expiry warning message to users Send Password Expiration Notification to Manager Send Password Expiration Summary Report to Admins Daily Calculates Password Expiry Date of Users depends on the Domain Policy and Windows 2008 Fine Grained Password Policy View Password and Account Expiration Report with Password Expire Date, Account Expire Date, MaxPasswordAge (Maximum Password Age) Supports Windows 7, Windows 2008 systems. This Settings helps the administrator to filter the users. Here the administrator can filter the users depends upon the following four conditions 1. Ignore password never expires users, 2. Ignore users whose password must change at next logon, 3. Ignore users who does not have mail id, 4. Ignore password expired users. Here administrator can specify email ids to send summary report. The list of Custom Macros that can be used in the mail content are, [PASSWORDEXPIRATIONDATE] [ACCOUNTEXPIRATIONDATE] [SOONTOEXPIREPASSWORD] [SOONTOEXPIREACCOUNT] [MANAGERNAME] [FIRSTNAME] [LASTNAME] and you can use all the Active Directory attribute values in the mail content using the Macro.
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Sat, Mar 17, 2018
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