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3D Christmas Space ScreenSaver v. 3.4
Release date: 11/21/2011  New Release
License: Shareware     Price:  $19.95 US
Expiration: Based on 5 days
Operating System: Windows 95,98,ME,NT3,NT4,2k,XP,2k3,Vista
Requirements: Intell or AMD (x64/x86)/Video 64 Mb/15 Mb HDD space/Any Display,
Download size: 8061 kilobytes     Install support:  Install and Uninstall
Web site: - 3D Christmas Space ScreenSaver
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Description:  Christmas is almost here. The Planet Earth is ready for celebration. What's about other Planets of the Solar System? Yeah! They are waiting for the Christmas too. Let's see what's happening there on Christmas Eve!
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