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4Videosoft+AVC+Converter  4Videosoft AVC Converter v. 5.0.10
Release date: 08/30/2012  Major Update
Author: 4Videosoft Studio
License: Shareware     Price:  $29.00 US
Expiration: Based on 99 days
Other info:  Trial version can convert files
Operating System: Windows NT4,2k,XP,2k3,Vista
Requirements: 800MHz Intel or AMD CPU, or above; 512MB RAM or more
Download size: 22220 kilobytes     Install support:  Install and Uninstall
Web site: 4Videosoft Studio - 4Videosoft AVC Converter
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Description:  4Videosoft AVC Converter is a powerful and easy-to-use AVC H.264 Converter which can easily convert video to AVC/H.264 video with lightning speed and lossless video quality. It makes you access to convert all videos to AVC/H.264 video files, like MPG, MPEG, VOB, MP4, TS, RM, WMV, ASF, MKV, AVI, 3GP, 3G2, FLV, SWF, MPV, MOD, TOD, HD videos and more.4Videosoft AVC Converter acts as audio converter or audio extractor to create your own music as well. With 4Videosoft AVC Converter, you can get incredible video files, owing to its unmatchable video editing features. It allows you to trim, crop, merge and watermark your video according to your requirements. It is also available to enhance your video quality by adjusting video "Effect" (Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Deinterlacing) and more. It adopt NVIDIA® CUDA™ and AMD APP GPU Processing acceleration technology to accelerate the video converting speed, and it provides much more user-friendly interface. Key Functions: 1. Perfect Converting Tool 4Videosoft AVC Converter assists you to convert all popular videos to H.264/MPEG-4 AVC video. You are also able to get other video formats, like H.264(.mp4), HD MPG, HD TS, and general videos. In this AVC Converter, you are easy to get music from HD videos and SD videos, and from all popular audio formats. The converted video and audio files can be put into various popular players, like iPad 2, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, Palm Pre, etc. 2.Customize Video Effect 4Videosoft AVC Converter can merge your selected video sources into one file for you to enjoy conveniently. You can preview the original video and output video effect at the same time with AVC Converter, and adjust the video effect by modifying the video Contrast, Brightness, Saturation, Hue and Volume. This AVC Converter has the Trim function to cut off any time-length video clips from your video source file.
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4Videosoft iPad 2 to Computer Ultimate  5.0.20
4Videosoft iPad 2 to Mac Transfer  3.3.08
4Videosoft iPad 2 to Mac Ultimate  5.0.8
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4Videosoft iPod + iPhone Mate  3.3.36
4Videosoft iPod + iPhone Mate for Mac  3.1.20
4Videosoft iPod Manager  6.0.26
4Videosoft iPod Manager for Mac  6.0.28
4Videosoft iPod Manager Platinum  6.0.30
4Videosoft iPod Mate  5.0.26
4Videosoft iPod Photo Transfer  6.0.10
4Videosoft iPod to Computer Transfer  6.0.38
4Videosoft iPod to Computer Transfer Ultimate  6.0.32
4Videosoft iPod to Computer Ultimate  5.0.38
4Videosoft iPod to Computer Ultimate  5.1.06
4Videosoft iPod to Computer Ultimate  5.0.22
4Videosoft iPod to Mac Transfer  6.0.22
4Videosoft iPod to Mac Transfer  3.2.02
4Videosoft iPod to Mac Transfer Ultimate  6.0.22
4Videosoft iPod to Mac Ultimate  5.0.8
4Videosoft iPod touch Manager for ePub  3.2.06
4Videosoft iPod Video Converter  5.2.10
4Videosoft iPod Video Converter for Mac  3.1.36
4Videosoft iRiver Video Converter  3.1.12
4Videosoft M2TS Converter  5.1.18
4Videosoft M2TS Converter  5.2.22
4Videosoft M2TS Converter for Mac  5.1.12
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4Videosoft Mac Apple TV Converter Suite  3.2.06
4Videosoft Mac BlackBerry Converter  3.1.06
4Videosoft Mac Blu-ray to iPad 3 Ripper  5.0.18
4Videosoft Mac Blu-ray to iPad Ripper  5.0.38
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4Videosoft Mac DVD CreativeZen Converter  3.1.06
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4Videosoft Mac DVD to iPad 2 Converter  3.1.30
4Videosoft Mac DVD to iPad 3 Converter  5.0.22
4Videosoft Mac DVD to iPhone 4 Converter  3.1.10
4Videosoft Mac DVD to iPhone Converter  5.0.50
4Videosoft Mac DVD to iPhone Converter  5.0.26
4Videosoft Mac DVD to iRiver Converter  3.1.18
4Videosoft Mac FLV to Audio Converter  3.1.06
4Videosoft Mac iPad 2 Manager for ePub  3.1.16
4Videosoft Mac iPad 2 Manager Platinum  5.0.8
4Videosoft Mac iPad 2 Video Converter  5.0.10
4Videosoft Mac iPad 3 Manager Platinum  6.0.8
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4Videosoft Mac iPad Manager for ePub  3.1.08
4Videosoft Mac iPad Manager Platinum  6.0.28
4Videosoft Mac iPad Photo Transfer  6.0.8
4Videosoft Mac iPhone 4 Manager for ePub  3.1.16
4Videosoft Mac iPhone 4 Platinum  5.0.8
4Videosoft Mac iPhone 4 Ringtone Maker  3.1.28
4Videosoft Mac iPhone 4 Video Converter  3.1.18
4Videosoft Mac iPhone 4S for ePub  5.0.8
4Videosoft Mac iPhone 4S Platinum  5.0.8
4Videosoft Mac iPhone 4S Video Converter  5.0.8
4Videosoft Mac iPhone Contacts Transfer  5.0.18
4Videosoft Mac iPhone Photo Transfer  6.0.12
4Videosoft Mac iPhone Transfer Platinum  6.0.38
4Videosoft Mac iPhone Transfer Platinum  5.0.26
4Videosoft Mac iPhone Transfer Ultimate  6.0.28
4Videosoft Mac iPhone Video Converter  3.1.22
4Videosoft Mac iPod Manager Platinum  6.0.32
4Videosoft Mac iPod Manager Platinum  6.0.18
4Videosoft Mac iPod Photo Transfer  6.0.8
4Videosoft Mac iRiver Video Converter  3.1.06
4Videosoft Mac Nexus One Video Converter  3.1.08
4Videosoft Mac Pocket PC Video Converter  3.1.06
4Videosoft Mac Video Converter Platinum  5.2.10
4Videosoft Mac Video Converter Ultimate  5.2.10
4Videosoft Mac YouTube Video Converter  3.1.06
4Videosoft Media Toolkit platinum  5.1.30
4Videosoft Media Toolkit Ultimate  5.1.38
4Videosoft MKV Video Converter  5.2.10
4Videosoft MKV Video Converter for Mac  3.2.32
4Videosoft Mobile Video Converter  3.2.06
4Videosoft Mod Converter for Mac  3.3.08
4Videosoft Mod Converter Pack for Mac  3.1.06
4Videosoft MOV Converter for Mac  3.2.08
4Videosoft MOV Converter Suite for Mac  3.1.06
4Videosoft MP4 Converter  5.1.32
4Videosoft MP4 Converter  3.2.10
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4Videosoft PDF Converter Ultimate  3.2.12
4Videosoft PDF Merger  3.1.36
4Videosoft PDF Splitter  3.0.18
4Videosoft PDF to ePub Maker  4.1.36
4Videosoft PDF to ePub Maker for Mac  3.1.8
4Videosoft PDF to Flash Converter  3.0.18
4Videosoft PDF to HTML Converter  3.1.6
4Videosoft PDF to Image Converter  3.1.8
4Videosoft PDF to JPEG Converter  3.1.6
4Videosoft PDF to JPEG Converter for Mac  3.1.8
4Videosoft PDF to Text Converter  3.0.18
4Videosoft PDF to Text Converter for Mac  3.1.8
4Videosoft PDF to Word Converter  3.0.16
4Videosoft PDF to Word Converter  3.1.22
4Videosoft Pocket PC Video Converter  3.2.06
4Videosoft PS3 Converter for Mac  3.1.20
4Videosoft PS3 Video Converter  3.2.16
4Videosoft PSP Converter  3.1.16
4Videosoft PSP Video Converter for Mac  3.1.06
4Videosoft QuickTime Video Converter  5.0.16
4Videosoft Registry Optimizer  3.1.10
4Videosoft RM Converter  3.1.08
4Videosoft Sansa Video Converter  5.0.8
4Videosoft Sony XPERIA Video Converter  3.2.16
4Videosoft TOD Converter  3.3.38
4Videosoft Tod Mod Converter  3.3.22
4Videosoft TRP Video Converter  5.0.12
4Videosoft TS Converter  5.1.06
4Videosoft TS Converter for Mac  3.2.10
4Videosoft Video Converter  5.1.26
4Videosoft Video Converter for Mac  5.2.08
4Videosoft Video Converter for Nexus One  3.3.10
4Videosoft Video Converter Platinum  5.2.20
4Videosoft Video Converter Ultimate  5.2.16
4Videosoft Video Downloader  3.1.32
4Videosoft Video to Audio Converter  3.1.16
4Videosoft Video to MP3 Converter  3.1.08
4Videosoft Walkman Video Converter  3.3.28
4Videosoft Wii Video Converter  3.2.12
4Videosoft WMV Converter Suite for Mac  3.2.06
4Videosoft WMV to DVD Converter  5.0.28
4Videosoft WMV Video Converter  3.2.08
4Videosoft WMV Video Converter for Mac  3.1.06
4Videosoft Xbox Converter for Mac  3.1.08
4Videosoft YouTube Mate for Mac  3.1.06
4Videosoft YouTube to DVD Converter  5.0.18
4Videosoft YouTube Video Converter  5.0.26
4Videosoft Zune Converter Suite for Mac  3.1.12
4Videosoft Zune Video Converter  3.2.10
4Videosoft Zune Video Converter for Mac  3.1.06
4Videsoft Blu-ray Converter  7.1.52
4Videsoft Blu-ray Converter for Mac  5.1.26
DVD to BlackBerry Converter for Mac  3.1.06
Mac iPod Touch Manager for ePub  3.1.06
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$24.95 — try it free
Plato FLV DVD Converter v. 12.11.01
convert any dvd to youtube flv video even copyright protected disc
OS:  Windows 98,ME,XP,2k3
$29.88 — try it free
Plato PSP Package v. 11.11.02
Plato PSP Package -- convert any dvd and any video to psp formats
OS:  Windows 98,ME,XP,2k3,Vista
$29.95 — try it free
4Media MOV to FLV Converter v.
Convert MOV to FLV, convert QuickTime MOV to FLV, convert MOV to Flash
OS:  Windows XP,Vista
$19.99 — try it free
Super CD to WMA Maker v. 1.00
A super and ease-to-use tool to convert audio CD to WMA, MP3, WAV and OGG
OS:  Windows 98,ME,NT4,2k,XP
$24.95 — try it free
(ID: 21208-57665)
Tue, Jul 29, 2014
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