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download The Pill BoxThe Pill Box v. 3.0
The Pill Box is for everyone who takes medication on a regular basis and who wants to keep a record of their medications and the doctors who prescribe them. 
OS:  Windows 98,ME,NT3,NT4,2k,XP,2k3,Vista
Price:  $24.95, try it free
download HomeManage Home Inventory SoftwareHomeManage Home Inventory Software v. 2011
Quickly inventory your home or small business with a digital camera and our HomeManage home inventory software. A must for insurance purposes or in case of move or separation. Use our Estate Planning features to name beneficiaries of your assets. 
OS:  Windows XP,2k3,Vista
Price:  $39.95, try it free
download The ToyBoxThe ToyBox v. 2.0
The ToyBox is an application that provides the means to keep an inventory of your dolls and toys. Simple and easy to use, it keeps up with all your dolls and toys including where you keep them, initial cost, current value, etc. 
OS:  Windows 95,98,ME,NT3,NT4,2k,XP,2k3,Vista
Price:  $19.95, try it free
download The Trip LogThe Trip Log v. 3.0
The Trip Log is an easy to use program designed for travelers who want to maintain records of their trips be it a short one-day trip or an extended journey lasting many days. Miles, fuel costs, and other expenses incurred can be recorded with ease. 
OS:  Windows 95,98,ME,NT3,NT4,2k,XP,2k3,Vista
Price:  $14.95, try it free
download Picture Collage MakerPicture Collage Maker v. 4.1.4
Picture Collage Maker is a powerful, versatile way to build any photo collage and scrapbook project. 
OS:  Windows 2k,XP,2k3,Vista
Price:  $29.90, try it free
download Color Style Studio exterior paint colorsColor Style Studio exterior paint colors v. 2.23
Re-color photos of your house with Color Style Studio. See how your house exterior or interior will look like in virtually any color combination. Select interior and exterior paint colors that you will love! Its fun game with Color Style Studio 
OS:  Windows 98,ME,NT4,2k,XP,2k3,Vista
Price:  $69.95, try it free

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Home & Hobby
Newest Shareware

FRSLibrary  FRSLibrary helps you manage your multimedia items.  $74.95
Windows  Download
All My Books  Organize your bookshelves with an electronic librarian  $39.95
Windows  Download
Deer Hunting Expert  Provides 100 scenarios for hunting deer, logs, library, recipes  $25.95
Windows  Download
Your first month of website promotion  Discover The Easy Way To Quickly Jump Start Your Website ...Step by Step  $17.00
Windows  Download
RLT Personal Inventory  You'll have a total control over all your inventory!  $25.00
Windows  Download
Quote Organizer Deluxe  Quote, proverb, saying, verse management software for Windows users.  $75.00
Windows  Buy Download
Vidtracker  Video collection database for DVD, VHS and LaserDiscs + VCR Recordings.  $29.95
Windows  Download
Personal Organizer  A personal organization program to help you track important data.  $12.95
Windows  Download
Life White Light Energy Tarot  Tarot made easy! Do readings on the computer and print out FREE tarot cards.  $24.95
Windows  Download
Mind Harmony  Change your mind with this binaural beats generator!  $19.95
Windows  Download
e-motional Greeting Card Creator  Celebrate Special Events or Holidays with a unique and personal greeting card!  $19.95
Windows  Download
Pheromone Pro  Don't settle for anything less in life than you absolutely deserve.  $26.99
Windows  Download
Movie Library  Movie, video collection manager, movie/actor database  $35.00
Windows  Download
NutriGenie High Fiber Diet  Nutrition software based on high fiber principle  $39.00
Windows  Download
Albion StopNow!  RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury / Repetitive Stress Injury) Prevention Tool  $24.95
Windows  Download
Picture Collage Maker  Create photo collages from your digital images.    $29.90
Windows  Download
iCash  Personal Finance and Office / Home accounting software.    $49.90
Windows  Buy Download
Readerware for Windows  Automatically catalog book, music and video collections. No data entry required    $74.95
Windows  Download
Amblyopia ABC  AmblyopiaABC is a treatment software for 3-12 years-old children with lazy eye.    $49.00
Windows  Buy Download
IRCommand2  IRCommand2 - IR remote control software for the PC - now with X10 support!    $34.95
Windows  Download
Church Scheduler  A church database program to help churches track members, pledges and payments.    $49.95
Windows  Buy Download
Sports and Fitness Manager  An easy-to-use database and scheduler for coaches and fitness instructors.    $49.95
Windows  Download
CookBook+Calendar  Create your own recipe database and manage a diet, a menu or a dinner party.    $49.95
Windows  Buy Download
OrgFinances  Control small business finances and family budget with one simple solution    $49.95
Windows  Buy Download
Mastro  Groundbreaking astrology software with powerful interpretation features.    $75.00
Other  Download
DDxHub Differential Diagnosis Hub  The DDxHub relies on the System knowledgebase to diagnose a health condition    $69.99
Other  Download
Everything I Own!  The Award Winning Home Inventory Program for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and Windows 8    $24.95
Windows  Download
Bucharchiv v3  Manage books and eBooks, cover, reviews, lend/borrow, search, book/archive-no.    $29.95
Windows  Download
CSV2QIF  CSV2QIF is an useful utility to convert CSV files to QIF format    $39.99
Windows  Download
Simple Home Budget  Budget software will show where your money is going right down to the penny    $29.99
Windows  Download
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More of Home & Hobby...
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Newest Freeware
A VIP Simple To Do List v. 2.9.44
Easy tool for planning of everyday tasks of your life with help of to-do list.
buy A VIP Simple To Do List now  download A VIP Simple To Do List
CoinManage Coin Collecting Software v. 2008
Use CoinManage software to catalog and value your coin collection
buy CoinManage Coin Collecting Software now  download CoinManage Coin Collecting Software
Color Style Studio (paint color schemes) v. 2.38
Choose color schemes on the photo of houses. Unique service for your customers
buy Color Style Studio (paint color schemes) now  download Color Style Studio (paint color schemes)
The ToyBox v. 2.0
Doll and Toy inventory and cataloging software
buy The ToyBox now  download The ToyBox
The Trip Log v. 3.0
Trip and travel logging including expense reports
buy The Trip Log now  download The Trip Log
Chronager v. 3.1
Complete control over your child's use of the computer
buy Chronager now  download Chronager
Plato Portrait Maker v. 1.0.7
easily create, edit, enhance, print, and manipulate your digital photos.
buy Plato Portrait Maker now  download Plato Portrait Maker
Color Style Studio exterior paint colors v. 2.23
See how your house exterior or interior will look like in any color combination
buy Color Style Studio exterior paint colors now  download Color Style Studio exterior paint colors
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