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download AS TRANS WIN32 DLLAS TRANS WIN32 DLL v. 1.1
From Win2000 there is windows support for transparent windows.Now you can have this under your control 
OS:  Windows NT4,2k,XP
Price:  $10.00, try it free
download ECMerge Standard (Windows)ECMerge Standard (Windows) v. 2.0
ECMerge compares and merges files/folders/FTP sites, side-by-side. It provides syntax colouring for C/C++, Java, HTML, ASP, PHP and many others. Save your work at intermediate situation and restart it later! Generate patch/XML/HTML reports. 
OS:  Windows 98,ME,NT4,2k,XP
Price:  $30.00, try it free
download HiMap Mobile GIS Component for .NET CFHiMap Mobile GIS Component for .NET CF v. 1.0.0
HiMap is a GIS componet for mobile devices. HiMap is designed specifically for C # and VB.NET in Windows Mobile 5 or 6. HiMap direct supports .shp files format. HiMap compared with similar products,cost-effective. 
OS:  Windows
Price:  $32.00, try it free
download Axoio HexStudio 2006Axoio HexStudio 2006 v. 1.1,51010
HexStduio is the first Hex Editor tool, you can edit, cut, copy, paste, insert, and delete hex, print, and export to Txt,HexStudio you can supports drag and drop,The friendly interfacial energy causes you rapidly easily to edit hex, in work area. 
OS:  Windows 98,ME,NT3,NT4,2k,XP
Price:  $29.95, try it free
download CCXI XML Data Island LibraryCCXI XML Data Island Library v. 2004.0
Take the strain off your sever. The CCXI XML Data Island Library and ASP table control allow your users to view data without having to contact the server constantly. CCXI makes it simple to display, page and sort data without server round trips. 
OS:  Windows 98,ME,2k,XP
Price:  $50.00, try it free
download Abdio Hex EditorAbdio Hex Editor v. 5.7
Abdio Hex Editor is the first Hex Editor tool, you can edit, cut, copy, paste, and delete hex, and export to Txt,HexStudio you can supports drag and drop,The friendly interfacial energy causes you rapidly easily to edit hex, in work area. 
OS:  Windows 98,ME,NT3,NT4,2k,XP,2k3,Vista
Price:  $29.95, try it free

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RunAsUser DLL  RunAsUser DLL is used to run programs under a different user account.  $199.95
Windows  Download
DISLIN for Absoft Pro Fortran  DISLIN is a high-level scientific data plotting library  $150.00
Windows  Download
Aspose.Tasks for .NET  Aspose.Tasks is a .NET Project® management component.  $599.00
Windows  Download
ABCCrypto  Lightweight Encryption and Decryption Toolkit  $49.00
Windows  Download
Fade Effect Menu Applet  Fade Effect Menu with cool animation  $29.95
Windows  Download
Visual Integration Studio  Visual Integration Studio - Data Integration for .NET Developers  $49.00
Windows  Download
PDF to Image SDK(10+threads) Client License  pdf to image batch converter  $379.00
Windows  Buy Download
wodMailbox  wodMailbox provide full management over mailboxes and message parsing  $109.00
Windows  Download
VISCOM 3D Carousel SDK ActiveX  3D Carousel user interface sdk activex  $150.00
Windows  Download
EasyHues Pro  EasyHues Pro, a program that lets you explore the world of colors.  $29.99
Windows  Download
Aurigma Advanced PSD Add-on  .NET component for PSD file processing (extract raster and text layers, etc)  $379.00
Windows  Download
Uninstall Manager ActiveX  This ActiveX allows to remove unwanted programs from your system.  $185.00
Windows  Download
.NET Bounce Inspector Component CS VB  Easily and quickly filter and categorize bounced e-mail messages  $299.00
Other  Download
EZTwain Pro Toolkit  The easiest and fastest way to add TWAIN scanning to your software.  $100.00
Windows  Download
GPS.NET Visualization Tools  Powerful GPS user controls for Visual Studio.NET applications.  $39.95
Windows  Buy Download
Wpf GridControl  Wpf GridControl, any hierarchy, grouping, cell blinking, 30000 upd/sec    $590.00
Windows  Download
Bytescout PDF SDK  API to create rich PDF documents with text, images, graphics, use existing PDF    $699.00
Windows  Download
HelpSmith  Premier Topic-based Help Authoring for CHM, PDF, DOC, Manuals and Web Help.    $199.00
Windows  Buy Download
dotNet Protector  dotNet Protector is a powerful .NET code protection system.    $563.00
Windows  Download
Bytescout BarCode Generator SDK  Generate barcodes, display and save 1D and 2D barcodes with .NET and ActiveX SDK    $399.99
Windows  Download
Bytescout Spreadsheet SDK  Read and write XLS, XLSX from ASP.NET, .NET, VB, C#, PHP and others    $499.99
Windows  Download
GdPicture.NET  100% Royalty Free Imaging SDK For WinForms, WPF And Web Development.    $1099.00
Windows  Download
AntiDuplicate  SDK for creation of copy protected software dongles from USB flash drives.    $144.00
Windows  Download
Bytescout BarCode Reader SDK  Read barcode from image, read barcode from TIF, read barcode from PDF in .NET    $499.99
Windows  Download
WinCHM - help authoring software  CHM creator, CHM editor, Help file, Help you create help file easily.    $129.00
Windows  Buy Download
HelpGear  CHM, Web Help, and PDF creation is easy with an excellent help authoring tool    $299.00
Windows  Download
DAC for MySQL  Delphi/C++Builder component suite for direct access to MySQL.    $134.95
Windows  Download
ByteScout PDF Renderer SDK  PDF Renderer SDK - new product to convert PDF to PNG, BMP, TIFF, EMF metafile    $999.99
Windows  Download
ByteScout PDF Extractor SDK  PDF Extractor SDK for .NET 2.00, 1.10, ASP.NET, ActiveX extracts info from PDFs    $499.99
Windows  Download
PrinterSetup.bas  Displays the printer preferences (document properties) dialog.    $29.99
Windows  Download
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Win32 dll and static library to get HDD model,serial and revision number
buy AS HDGET WIN32 DLL now  download AS HDGET WIN32 DLL
Axoio HexStudio 2006 v. 1.1,51010
HexStduio is the first Hex Editor tool, you can hex edit, cut, copy, paste...
buy Axoio HexStudio 2006 now  download Axoio HexStudio 2006
App Store database API v. 1.0
API to retrieve information from App Store (AppStore Scraper)
buy App Store database API now  download App Store database API
jk-ware MDI-Projektworkspace v. 3.0
Projectworkspace for Visual C# developers for the development of own programs.
buy jk-ware MDI-Projektworkspace now  download jk-ware MDI-Projektworkspace
ezBarcodeComponent for winform .net v. 2.0.5
Barcode .net library component for linear and 2D barcode
buy ezBarcodeComponent for winform .net now  download ezBarcodeComponent for winform .net
VersionUpdater v. 1.06
Make your application upgradable over the internet with this easy tool
buy VersionUpdater now  download VersionUpdater
Shut down,reboot,log off,wake up,change resolutions and more.
buy AS POWER WIN32 DLL now  download AS POWER WIN32 DLL
ASP to EXE v. 1.12
Development tool which can compile asp project into exe file
buy ASP to EXE now  download ASP to EXE
CaptureAPI v. 1.2
screen capture API,image manipulation API,easy to integrate in your product.
buy CaptureAPI now  download CaptureAPI
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